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Dance Music Producers Square Off in Copyright Feud

June 26, 2019


Russian music producer/DJ Arty has sued fellow producer Marshmello for copyright infringement. Arty alleges that Marshmello and his collaborators copied the beats and other components from his remix of the One Republic song “I Lived” in their hit single “Happier”. “Happier” was number one on the dance music charts in the United States for 31 straight weeks, with over 333 million views on Youtube.

The co-founder of the British rock band Bastille and Steve Mac are also defendants in the suit.

Arty is represented by Nashville copyright attorney Richard Busch, who is well-known for his victory in Marvin Gaye’s lawsuit against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over the song “Blurred Lines.”

Arty and Marshmello run in the same EDM (electronic dance music) circles and have performed together in the past. This is allegedly how Marshmello became familiar with Arty’s remix.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Samanthea Samuels


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