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Facebook seeks to patent live video “skin smoothing” and on-screen user scripts

August 1, 2018


As reported by Mashable, Facebook has filed for two patents that have recently been made public.

The first patent application describes a method for improving, in real-time, the appearance of skin of a person appearing in a live video. The method allows for smoothing and softening skin’s appearance without removing desirable image details, such as the edges/boundaries of a person’s face, eyes, nose, lips, mouth, ears, hair and/or other facial features. This concept is similar to the airbrushed selfie filters available on Snapchat.

The second patent application describes a feature that permits a user to compose a script in anticipation of a live-broadcast session, and to display that script on the screen of the broadcasting user during the live-broadcast session. This feature will aid the user in delivering the live broadcast, similar to a teleprompter.

Authors: Jaclyn Tilak, Sarah Stothart and Larissa Fulop


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