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Ford Patent Application Hints at Larger Windshield

February 27, 2020


A recently published patent application filed by Ford reveals designs for a new type of windshield that extends to the roof and rear glass. The patent application, titled the “Vehicle Roof Bow,” uses a Mustang as an example.

According to the patent application, a vehicle would include two roof rails that are connected by roof bows, which are held in place by “fingers.” As noted by Motor1, this approach could lead to “a cabin with improved outward visibility” and increased natural light.

A major concern with a predominantly glass roof is its ability to withstand a crash. Ford’s patent application addresses this risk by pointing to the arched shape that helps distribute potential impact.

Of course, since the design is only contained in patent drawings, it is unlikely that the latest Ford models will contain this new windshield. It remains to be seen whether and when this all-glass transformation will take place.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Clara Ryu


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