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Game, Set, Match: Sony PlayStation Victorious in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

July 9, 2024


In 2017, Genuine Enabling Technology (“GET”) filed a complaint against the Sony Corporation (“Sony”), which included a claim that Sony infringed one of its patents related to a method of communication between consoles and controllers. GET was reportedly seeking $500 million in damages.

GET’s complaint was premised on the idea that the method of communication between the PlayStation console and controllers, which included a component that enabled an ability to simultaneously receive signals, was not possible until its patent.

Sony argued that there was not enough evidence that the components in question within the controller were “structurally equivalent” to the patent’s logic diagrams.

The judge in this matter reportedly granted summary judgment on the issue of non-infringement, in favour of Sony, on the grounds that GET “failed to raise a dispute of facts”.


Authors: Jeffreen Rahman and Kasia Donovan


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