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Garanimals' Parent Companies Sue Cannabis Company for Trademark Infringement

January 19, 2022


Garanimals is an American company that sells children’s clothing at more than 4,700 Walmart stores across the United States.

Grizzly Peak Farms is a California-based cannabis grower that markets a cannabis product called “Granimals”. The product contains a marijuana strain made by crossing Grape Pie and Animal Cookies strains.

As reported by Law Street, Garanimals’ parent companies, Gara Inc. and Garan Services Corp., filed a lawsuit in California federal court against Grizzly Peak Farms. The plaintiffs allege that the use of the “Granimals” name constitutes trademark infringement and “tarnishes and damages the reputation of the GARANIMALS brand”.

The plaintiffs are seeking to prohibit Grizzly Peak Farms from using the Garanimals trademark, service mark, corporate name or domain name and have claimed monetary damages.


Authors: Bukola Adelusi and Larissa Fulop


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