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GM Attempts to Patent Anti-Motion Sickness Technology

July 13, 2022


As reported by Motor Authority, General Motors (GM) has filed a patent application for anti-motion sickness technology in autonomous vehicles.

As autonomous vehicle designs proliferate in the market and users engage in the types of multitasking expected in vehicles they no longer have to drive themselves, the patent application responds to concerns over motion sickness.

The technology is a system of lights and images that visually depicts the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering on a screen, through changing colour or light patterns, sound, or haptic feedback. GM’s patent claims the visual system aligns with our sensory systems, allegedly helping to address the cause of motion sickness and to build trust by providing dynamic information about how the vehicle is moving.

It remains to be seen if this technology will make it to production.


Authors: Eyitayo Kunle-Oladosu and Meghan King


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