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Huawei and Verizon Settle Patent Lawsuit

August 23, 2021


Huawei and Verizon have reportedly settled their telecommunications patent royalties lawsuit midtrial.

In the trial, Huawei claimed that Verizon was using three of its patents without a licence, while Verizon had counterclaimed that Huawei’s demands for licensing fees were too high, and that Huawei’s technology infringed two of Verizon’s own patents. Huawei and Verizon also reportedly settled another upcoming patent lawsuit scheduled for trial in October.

The terms of the settlement are not public, but it has been speculated that the settlement is a cross-licence. It’s likely that the settlement came as a result of the uncertainty both companies faced in the outcome, but it’s not possible to know which side was the "winner" or "loser" in the settlement.


Author: Mark Leonard

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