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Huawei Continues Drive into Automotive Sector with Traffic Technology

March 11, 2022


As reported by Huawei Central, Huawei has filed a patent application for a new technology that allows for the sharing of mobile phone traffic information with in-vehicle devices.

The patent application, which was published by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, connects the user’s smart phone to an in-vehicle device using a Bluetooth and internet connection. The patent describes the in-vehicle device as featuring two antennas used to communicate with a user’s smartphone. The first antenna is used to establish a Bluetooth connection with the phone while the second is used to access the phone’s internet hotspot for data transfers.

Once connected, traffic data that is contained within the user’s phone is shared with the in-vehicle device thereby allowing for a more seamless user experience. In the context of a potential autonomous vehicle application, the technology is meant to reduce the driver’s activities in the vehicle and improve the overall driving experience.

It is believed that this patent application is one part of Huawei’s recent push to develop new technologies for the autonomous driving market and to become a leading technology supplier in the industry.


Authors: Aryan Pour-Bahreini and Mark Leonard


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