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Huawei’s patent application for a smartwatch that stores wireless earbuds

August 20, 2018


As reported by IBTimes, The Star, Money Control and Digital Trends, Huawei has recently filed a patent application for a smartwatch capable of storing earbuds.

The patent application outlines a number of storage possibilities, such as in a container on the underside of the wrist near the buckle, or in containers between the band and watch face. The wireless earbuds will be Bluetooth compatible and may be water-resistant with noise-cancelling technology.

Huawei’s latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 2 2018 was launched in May 2018. While this patent application may provide insight into Huawei’s next smartwatch, there is no indication if or when a smartwatch capable of storing earbuds will be launched.

It does not appear that Huawei has filed a corresponding Canadian patent application.


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