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Keeping Up With Counterfeits: Kim Kardashian Sued For Knock-Off Dining Tables

June 10, 2024


Kim Kardashian and her interior design firm, Clements Design, are reportedly being sued by the Judd Foundation for promoting “cheap knockoffs” of one of Judd’s most renowned designs, a dining table set.

In a now privatized video, Kardashian is seen giving a tour of her “SKKN by Kim” office, where she mentions and praises her “Donald Judd” dining tables and matching chairs. Clements Design was reportedly responsible for the interior design and sourcing the Donald Judd tables for Kardashian. However, the Foundation claims the pieces Kardashian has in her office are “irrefutably” fake.

The Foundation still produces the late artist’s furniture in a way that upholds the integrity and quality of the pieces. Even if the pieces Kardashian has were authentic, the Foundation prohibits customers from using authentic pieces for marketing or promotional purposes.

The Foundation claims it privately notified the Kardashian team and Clements Design a year ago, and asked for the removal of the video and destruction of the fake pieces for several months. However, reportedly, neither the Kardashian team nor Clements Design made any attempts to resolve the issue. The video garnered over 3.7 million views, and was only made private after the Foundation filed the lawsuit against Kardashian. The video was widely circulated and clips of the video are still available through several media outlets.

The claims in the lawsuit against Kardashian and Clements Design include trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, copyright infringement and false endorsement.


Authors: Jeffreen Rahman and Kasia Donovan


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