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Mbappé Attempts to Trademark Soccer Celebration Pose

June 5, 2024


French soccer star, Kylian Mbappé, has sought trademark protection over a logo depicting his iconic goal celebration.

The logo is a black and white image of Mbappé standing with his hands tucked into his armpits. It is reported that he also applied to protect his surname, initials and popular quotes.

Mbappé has filed numerous registrations to date, covering a range of products, including clothing, shoes, video games, toys, cosmetics, and even toothpaste. These applications have the potential to make Mbappé one of the most trademark-protected soccer players.

If the application is approved, retailers hoping to sell items with Mbappé’s logo donning the celebratory pose will now have to pay their dues or face the risk of trademark infringement.

With the French star’s move to Real Madrid, it will be interesting to see how much more his brand can grow.


Authors: Shea Neals and Arash Rouhi


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