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New Apple Patent May Shed Light on Automotive Aspirations

July 18, 2019


An Apple patent for a “fully-actuated suspension system” designed to generate a smoother ride in cars may provide some insight into the company’s plans to develop a self-driving car.

The patent, which was filed in 2016 but was only recently published, is for a suspension system that can “compensate for vehicle oscillations at frequencies below the primary ride frequency.”

A portion of the patent outlines a “haptic feedback system”, which would be capable of conveying road condition information to a driver, including, for example, the presence of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

While this patent seems to suggest that Apple is serious about developing technology for cars, it is unclear when, if at all, this technology will be released or implemented.

In January, Apple fired 200 employees working on its self-driving car initiative titled “Project Titan.” However, recent reports indicate the company has been searching for advanced self-driving car sensors while building large driving rooms for testing.

It remains to be seen whether Apple is working on the fabled “iCar” or if it is simply focused on developing software.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Aaron Barrett


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