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Sony Set to Join the Foldable Smartphone Race

September 10, 2019


Major tech players have indicated that foldable displays may be the next meaningful innovation to smartphones. Samsung and Huawei have both unveiled their folding smartphones, the Fold and the Mate X, but neither has yet to hit the market. Even Apple has indicated they are interested in their own folding smartphone by obtaining a folding display related patent.

Sony has been noticeably absent in folding smartphone discussions, until now. As reported by Gizmo China, Sony recently filed a patent application for a flexible display unit.

The patent application shows a foldable display with three sensors: a pressure sensor, an acceleration sensor and a temperature sensor. The sensors will identify how a user is holding the phone and will communicate with the user interface to adjust to the user’s holding habits.

As always, a filed patent application is not evidence that Sony is actually developing a foldable smartphone.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Jay Piett


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