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Tesla Patent Application Improves Redundancy and Data Transfer

October 24, 2019


As reported by CNET, Tesla appears to be developing a solution for when an electronic component of a vehicle malfunctions.

When an electronic component of a car breaks down, it is often complicated and expensive to diagnose the problem. This problem is much more severe for autonomous cars, which place heavier reliance on the these components (e.g., the guiding sensors around the car).

Tesla’s solution, as described in a patent application, would increase data transfer speed throughout the vehicle and add levels of redundancy. Instead of having a central processor and individual wires going to separate components, all components would be set up in loops. This gives data alternate paths to take if a specific component is down, ultimately increasing the speed and efficiency of the diagnostic process.

This is the second wiring patent application put forward by Tesla this year. The prior application outlined a wiring system that would simplify vehicle construction through an improved robotic manufacturing process.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Zach Hershenfeld


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