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The UK’s Largest Bicycle Network Rebrands

March 4, 2019


Manchester recently approved the creation of a £500 million network, consisting of 75 miles of segregated bicycle lanes and safe pedestrian crossings. Led by Manchester’s walking and cycling commissioner and Olympic cyclist, Chris Boardman, "Beelines" was created, making it the largest walking and cycling network in the United Kingdom.

The city received a copyright complaint from Relish Technologies Limited ("Relish"). Relish makes navigational compasses for bikes and motorbikes, and a route-finding app, using the name “Beeline”.

Manchester opted to avoid the dispute and rebranded to the Bee Network. The city also registered Bee Ways, ByBee, and Follow The Bee with the government’s Intellectual Property Office to ensure that they are able to use any of the former marks in any of their future infrastructure projects.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Hassan Rasmi


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