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WWE’s Steve Austin Trademark Collection Grows

February 10, 2021


As reported by Wrestling News, the WWE was granted approval for the trademark "Austin 3:16" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark has been a signature catchphrase for former WWE wrestler, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, since the 1990s. The trademark was filed for use in merchandise, such as Toys and Sporting Goods Products. The WWE currently has three other trademarks related to “Austin 3:16”.

In related news, the WWE is currently in a legal dispute over “Stone Cold Jones Soda”, a soft drink released by NFL player Chris Johns and his company, Stone Cold Jones LLC. The WWE reportedly believes the name of the soft drink infringes on “Stone Cold” and “Stone Cold Steve Austin”, two trademarks that it owns.


Authors: Sam Galway and Nargis Fazli


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