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2-in-1: Sony Files Patent Application for New PS5 Controller

November 29, 2023


As reported by Gizmodo, Sony has reportedly filed a patent application for a PlayStation 5 (“PS5”) controller that can house and charge wireless earbuds.

The patent application reveals several designs, including storing the earbuds behind the touch pad in different configurations or behind the handles of the controller. By physically incorporating the earbuds into the controller, the patent application suggests that the gamer’s experience will be improved by eliminating the need to manage two separate devices. Gamers would be able to use their controllers as “storage cases”, thereby reducing not only the number of power sources but storage cases (or the need to search your couch for the left ear bud).

In theory, this PS5 controller could be a convenient way for gamers to manage their audio experience while gaming.

However, at the time of writing, it has yet to be determined whether Sony will make this patent application a reality. And, perhaps more importantly to gamers, it is unknown how sharing a single power source will affect the controller’s battery life.


Authors: Noor Sakran and Yaseen Manan


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