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A Time to Sue: NYT Accuses Time Magazine of Trademark Infringement

January 6, 2021


As reported by the Daily News, the New York Times launched a trademark infringement suit against Time Magazine. It alleges that Time Magazine’s “TIME100 Talks” infringes on its “TimesTalks” trademark.

“TimesTalks” is a live conversation and performance series where New York Times journalists invite leaders in fields such as film, fashion, music and literature to discuss topics of relevance in their respective industries. The series began in 1999.

According to the Manhattan Federal Court suit, Time Magazine launched “TIME100 Talks” in April 2020. It is a series featuring “conversations between journalists and leading talents and thinkers”.

While the New York Times alleges that TIME100 Talks feature the same types of guests featured in its TimesTalks series, Time Magazine points out that the TIME 100 brand has been a registered trademark for over two decades. It refers to the infringement claim as “somewhat bewildering” and argues that the word “talks” is commonly used for similar programs across many industries.


Authors: Meghan King and Brennan Caldwell


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