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Apple Files Patent for Headlights that Detect Road Hazards

October 11, 2018


As reported by The Car Connection, Apple has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled the “System and Method for Light and Image Protection”.

Essentially, the patent application describes a hazard-illuminating headlight, which operates by using an array of sensors. This information is then fed into the system, which assesses the direction that the car should move in order to avoid potential hazards and the velocity at which those hazards are travelling. The headlights also use contrast, through multiple levels of illumination, to provide a more evenly lit field of vision for the driver based on the amount of light an object reflects and the road conditions, i.e., if it’s foggy or rainy.

This is not Apple’s first car-related patent. The company recently filed patents for haptic seats and a trunk sunroof.

Although it remains unconfirmed whether Apple plans to release a car of its own, it appears that the tech company is looking to expand its multinational reach into the auto sector.

Author: Sam Galway


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