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Apple Patent Applications Hint at Long-Awaited "AirTags"

November 13, 2020


According to a MacRumours report, Apple has filed two patent applications for what many believe are the company’s expected "AirTags". The applications are titled “Mounting Base for a Wirelessly Locatable Tag” and “Fastener with a Constrained Retention Ring”. While they do not refer to AirTags by name, the descriptions match the anticipated product.

The applications depict the product as being wireless trackable devices that are more accurate than a GPS and can be attached to objects to track their whereabouts.

The filings feature multiple images depicting the product design, which appears to be a circular disc. Apple also illustrates the tags being used in a leather pouch with a keychain ring, an Apple Watch band, and a compact storage case. It appears they can be charged by being mounted on a base.

In addition to location-tracking, the applications depict a multitude of other potential uses for the device. For example, a tag placed in a building lobby may transmit a signal to the smartphone of an individual entering the room, triggering a map of the building to load onto the person’s phone.

Additionally, the tags may potentially be used for augmented reality or gaming. The filings include images of the tags placed on various parts of the human body to monitor posture or movement.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Brennan Caldwell


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