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Apple's Augmented Reality Technology

March 26, 2021


As reported by Venture Beat, Apple has reportedly filed an application for a patent which would allow one to view an augmented or virtual reality stream from multiple angles.

Unlike traditional augmented reality, which superimposes augmented content on a two-dimensional live feed from an iPhone or iPad’s camera, Apple would record multiple streams, capturing both the recorder’s perspective and additional perspectives. These would then be combined using time stamps on the streams, allowing viewers to change their perspective while still experiencing the same augmented reality content.

There is no timeline on the release of this new technology, but it could tie in with augmented reality headsets or Apple Arcade titles with augmented reality support. Alternatively, it could be used to create new content that can be experienced in multiple ways, including content that changes the more you interact with it.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Mark Leonard


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