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BMW Racing Towards Electric Motorcycle

February 9, 2024


BMW is reportedly getting close to wheeling out its first mass-produced electric motorcycle. In 2019, the German company unveiled its plan to develop an urban electric bike within the next five years.

Since the announcement, BMW has made several notable inroads, including:

  • developing the E-Power Roadster prototype, which combines electric car parts and motorcycle components;

  • registering trademarks for the “CE” electric scooter and displaying the first two models in showrooms; and

  • filing patents for a small electric motorcycle using component from the gasoline fueled G310 R series.

BMW’s latest patent applications suggest it is revving-up its effort to develop a full-size EV motorcycle and compete against Harley Davidsons’s LiveWire Del Mar and Bombardier Recreational Products’ Can-Am.

The patent application shows a structural case built around a three-tiered central section, with layers for the batteries and electronics. The design is intended to sit above the motor and can reportedly be used in a broad range of motorcycles.


Authors: PJ Conlon and Yaseen Manan


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