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Can we "trust the process"?

December 5, 2018


Tonight, the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Toronto Raptors. Off the court, a very different dispute may be brewing for the 76ers.

According to reports, both the Philadelphia 76ers and their star center, Joel Embiid, are interested in obtaining trademark protection for the phrase "trust the process", which has become synonymous with the team's efforts to rebuild the franchise through drafting (and a fair bit of patience).

The 76ers reportedly filed a trademark application for "trust the process" in late September, whereas Embiid reportedly filed eight trademark applications for the same phrase in late November, covering items such as non-alcoholic beverages, toys, shoes, water bottles, bags, books, jewelry and cell phone cases.

The 76ers and Embiid do not only have each other to worry about in the quest to protect the "trust the process" phrase. There are reportedly multiple other individuals and organizations who have filed trademark applications relating to the phrase.


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