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Canada Goose Sues Goose Country for Trademark Infringement

August 24, 2021


As reported by The Fashion Law, Canada Goose is suing the similarly-named luxury outerwear company, Goose Country, for trademark infringement.

As detailed in a complaint filed by Canada Goose in a federal court in Illinois, Canada Goose has advanced allegations of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition and false designation of origin, and unjust enrichment.

Canada Goose claims that both companies operate in the same market and that Goose Country not only uses a confusingly similar name, but has also copied the design of Canada Goose’s distinctive outerwear. Specifically, Canada Goose alleges that Goose Country’s use of “a circular patch with a red perimeter…on the shoulder of a jacket or coat” mimics its own use of a “unique circular patch with a red perimeter.”

Canada Goose argues that such “mimicry of the look and feel of Canada Goose’s product and logo underscores the willful nature of Goose Country’s infringement of Canada Goose’s marks”.


Author: Sam Galway


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