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China Dominates 5G Patent Race

June 17, 2019


According to Venture Beat, patent analysts’ current research indicates that China holds a particularly significant share of the world’s 5G standard essential patents. Data from a recent report published by IPlytics, a patent analytics firm, demonstrates that Chinese companies have applied for approximately 34% of the world’s major 5G patents. By contrast, the United States has applied for roughly 14%, while Canada has applied for less than 1%.

China’s large market share of 5G patents represents an increase of approximately 50% over its share of 4G patents. The largest individual holder of 5G patents is Huawei, holding more than 15% of worldwide 5G patents. Huawei’s market share is larger than that of Nokia (14%), Samsung (13%), and LG (12%). Huawei’s market share could enable China to earn one third of all 5G patent revenues.

According to CGTN, China has been at the forefront of 5G since as early as 2016 and has invested in it heavily. The application of 5G technology is anticipated to soon expand beyond smartphones, and is expected to be used to connect everything from cars and factories to hospitals and infrastructure.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Daniel Seidman


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