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Colorado-based Wild Animal Sanctuary Sues Wild Life Sanctuary Fund for Trademark Infringement

May 28, 2021


As reported by Daily Camera, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, located in Keenesburg, Colorado, recently commenced a lawsuit alleging, amongst other things, trademark infringement against a company with a similar name: Wild Life Sanctuary Fund.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, which was founded by Pat Craig, operates two locations in Colorado and one in Texas, and works to rescue animals from zoos and private collectors.

According to the claim filed by Wild Animal Sanctuary, Wild Life Sanctuary Fund is registered as a non-profit organization in Montana, but operates from a residential address in Arizona. The couple that allegedly operate the Wild Life Sanctuary Fund also run numerous other charities, some of which, as noted by the Daily Camera, are not rated by the Better Business Bureau, and have been subject to investigation by the Arizona Republic and are unrated by Charity Watch.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Federal Court in Denver, Colorado, alleges that the Wild Life Sanctuary Fund has been infringing Wild Animal Sanctuary’s trademarks since 2019 and that this has confused donors.


Author: Sam Galway


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