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Crocs Files Multiple Suits Alleging Trademark Infringement

August 18, 2021


As reported by Fortune and Daily Camera, the footwear company, Crocs Inc. (“Crocs”), has filed a number of lawsuits in District Courts across the U.S, taking aim at alleged sellers and producers of knock-off Crocs. Among the defendants are retail giants such as Walmart and Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.

In one complaint, Crocs alleges that the defendants’ sale of copycat shoes “has the effect of diluting the distinctive quality of Crocs’ registered trademarks, as well as tarnishing the good will consumers associate with Crocs’ registered trademarks.”

Crocs’ Chief Legal and Risk Officer, Daniel Hart, reportedly stated that “[t]hese actions underscore our determination to take forceful steps to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property”.


Author: Sam Galway


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