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Drake Accused of Copyright Infringement By Sampling

September 19, 2019


As reported by Digital Music News, producer Samuel Nicholas III, also known as Sam Scully, has filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit against Drake. In the lawsuit, Nicholas accuses Drake of sampling one of Nicholas’s beats. The two songs at issue are “Nice for What” and “In My Feelings”, two of Drake’s bigger hits in 2018.

Nicholas alleges that Drake lifted a beat from a song he made in 2000 called “Roll Call”. He learned of the alleged use when producer Adam Pigott, in an interview, admitted to using a beat that he called “that beat”. Nicholas claims this beat is a direct copy of the beat in his song and that neither Drake nor Pigott have his permission to use the beat and they did not provide him any compensation.

Nicholas seeks an injunction, invalidation of the copyrights of the two songs at issue, and damages for the acts of infringement.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Zach Hershenfeld


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