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Engineering Student Develops "Smartphone Airbag"

August 8, 2018


Have you dropped your smartphone recently? Do you ever wish you were just a bit more careful with this pricey piece of technology?

As reported by The Telegraph, Mashable, The Verge and Digital Trends, an engineering student in Germany, Philip Frenzel, has developed a smartphone case that may save your phone the next time that you drop it. The “mobile airbag” senses when your smartphone is in free fall and deploys retractable, springy, spider-like legs on all four corners of the case to soften the impact of a fall.

Frenzel received a 2018 award from the German Society for Mechatronics for his “mobile airbag” design. He has secured a German patent, and has launched a website for his “ADcase” (“active damping case”). His next step is to launch the product on Kickstarter.


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