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European Union Grants Patent for Samson Sky’s ‘Revolution-air-y’ Roadster

March 4, 2024


Samson Sky’s Switchblade, a three-wheeled flying vehicle that can transform from a road vehicle to an aircraft in minutes, is reportedly making waves in the transportation industry.

The vehicle has earned several significant milestones in the past year, including being granted a patent by the European Union for its unique wing-swing design, completing a successful inaugural flight (which can be viewed here) and receiving a surge in media coverage and sales. 

Samson Sky’s swing-wing patent, which is just one of the company’s patents, will reportedly protect a critical feature to the vehicle’s design that allows the wings and tail of the vehicle to retract seamlessly into the vehicle in under three minutes.

The Switchblade can reportedly reach speeds of over 200 km/h on the ground and has an estimated flight speed of over 300 km/h. The vehicle also features an electric drive system, allowing users to use unleaded gas instead of leaded aviation fuel, meaning purchasers can conveniently refuel at their neighbourhood gas station.

More information on the Switchblade can be found on Samson Sky’s website.


Authors: Josh Sloan and Kasia Donovan


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