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Feds Join Forces to Protect IP Innovation Abroad

February 23, 2024


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the Trade Commission Services (TCS) are reportedly working together to promote awareness of intellectual property (IP) abroad. The parties have signed a memorandum with a focus on bringing awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), innovators and academia to IP.

The memorandum states that CIPO AND TCS have the following three main goals:

  1. To develop digital and virtual educational content and tools to help Canadian SMEs identify, protect and manage IP effectively when conducting business internationally;

  2. To strengthen key partnerships through the IP Village and with industry and academia in a strategic manner to better inform and support SMEs and underrepresented groups facing IP-related challenges; and

  3. To implement a data-driven and evidence-based approach to enhance the impact of IP program delivery.

The agreement, which builds on a 2019 memorandum between CIPO and TCS, will reportedly last for five years. In addition to the announcement, CIPO has published ten guides, providing information, tips and links to help Canadians protect their IP rights in foreign markets.


Authors: PJ Conlon and Yaseen Manan


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