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Ferrari Gears Up with Superchargers in New Patent Application

June 7, 2024


Ferrari is breaking new ground in automotive engineering by exploring the integration of superchargers in its future models. This development, revealed through a recent patent filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, suggests a shift from the brand’s traditional turbocharging method of forced induction.

According to the patent, Ferrari’s proposed supercharging technique uses a planetary gearset connected to the driveshaft instead of the typical belt and pulley system, enhancing design flexibility and efficiency.

The application highlights several advantages of supercharging over turbocharging, including improved airflow and reduced system weight. Ferrari’s current turbo setup often requires adjacent intake and exhaust ducts that can compromise airflow and increase weight when paired with an electric motor. By adopting supercharging, these limitations can be avoided, providing a cleaner, more efficient setup.

Further innovations detailed by Ferrari include the potential use of this supercharged engine in a hybrid powertrain. This system would likely feature an all-wheel-drive layout with an electric motor driving the front wheels and the supercharged engine powering the rear.

Such a configuration would not only enhance the car’s balance and driving dynamics, but also align with growing environmental sustainability trends in auto design. This move demonstrates Ferrari’s ongoing commitment to advancing its performance capabilities while adapting to more stringent efficiency standards, potentially setting new precedents in the luxury sports car market.


Authors: Zach Gordon and Arash Rouhi


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