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Ferrari Makes Advances in Rear-Wheel Steering

May 20, 2023


Given this weekend's cancellation of Formula 1's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, otherwise known as the "Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari", the Goodmans IP Team decided to review some recent patent applications filed by Ferrari. The Goodmans IP Team sends its thoughts to the communities in the Emilia Romagna region impacted by the devastating flooding.

As reported by Motor Authority, Ferrari is seeking patent protection for an advanced rear-wheel steering system.

This more advanced system would reportedly adjust both steering and chassis stiffness in a simultaneous and coordinated manner during cornering. The system would also reportedly use a control unit and electronic actuators to adjust the spring and damper firmness and another electronic or hydraulic actuator to adjust rear steering angle, based on dynamic readings, to maintain the car on the preferred cornering line.

As noted by Motor Authority, this rear-wheel steering system would appear more likely to make it to production than Ferrari's other recent patent applications relating to gas-thrusters. These other patent applications describe compressed-air or pulse-jet thrusters being strategically placed on a vehicle to aid everything from acceleration, stabilization in an emergency (such as an uncontrolled slide or spin), braking or even corner handling on a race track.

Each "thruster" is reportedly made up of five nozzles of different sizes designed to deliver a consistent pressure as the compressed air within the onboard tank is used up and the pressure decreases. The small nozzle is reportedly used when the tank is full and then larger nozzles are used as the air pressure decreases.

The use of "thrusters" on a sports car would appear to be a bit more "Speed Racer" than Formula 1.


Author: Jordan Scopa


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