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Fight Over Trademark for Bankrupt “By Chloe” Restaurant Chain

March 25, 2021


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Chloe Coscarelli and BC Hospitality Group Inc are in a dispute over the trademark rights to the restaurant By Chloe. Coscarelli and her company, Chef Chloe LLC, maintain that the celebrity chef has the rights to the name of the vegan restaurant chain she co-founded but cut ties with several years ago.

By Chloe was listed for sale after BC Hospitality Group declared bankruptcy at the end of 2020. Now the owner of By Chloe alleges that the celebrity chef’s claim to the trademark will disrupt their sale of the restaurant chain and complicate their bankruptcy case going forward. Coscarelli maintains that she is trying to ensure that there is a fair process.

Coscarelli and BC Hospitality Group have been engaged in settlement discussions since the company filed for bankruptcy. While BC Hospitality Group is reportedly still optimistic about the outcome of these discussions, the parties have yet to reach a settlement.


Authors: Rachel Oster and Sam Galway


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