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Ford Files Patent Application for Safer Seat Assembly with Pivoting Armrest and Airbag

March 29, 2022


As reported by Ford Authority, Ford Motor Company (“Ford”) has filed a patent application in the United States for a seat assembly that contains a new airbag and pivoting armrest design.

The airbag described in the patent will be contained in a seat that will use a pivoting armrest and is mounted in both the inboard and outboard portions of the seat.

The benefits of the design contained in the new patent are twofold.

First, the airbag’s position in the seat is intended to protect the hip and torso area of the occupant while also providing a barrier between occupants and the vehicle’s door in the event of a crash.

Second, the pivoting armrest is designed to absorb energy from a collision and pivots away from the occupant so as to prevent injury and create a safer driving experience all around.


Authors: Zhiyao Chen and Meghan King


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