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Ford’s New Tailgate Design is Shown in a Patent Application

March 9, 2022


Automotive manufacturing companies, such as General Motors and Dodge, are known to have multi-function tailgates that can open in different ways, but Ford had been trailing behind in the pickup gate department.

As reported by Driving, a recent patent filing indicates that Ford has come up with a new triple split design that is divided into three sections, with the middle section serving as a side-hinged door.

The patent application shows that the trick tri-section gate may be opened remotely from the cab at the touch of a button (i.e., both the full gate and just the central piece on its own). The design allows for the middle swing-away section to be opened for easier access to the bed.

Ford may also be planning to embed a ruler and other tools into the lowered gate’s top surface.


Authors: Bukola Adelusi and Meghan King


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