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Fox Facing Trademark Battle Over Film

April 9, 2019


As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is being sued over its sci-fi film, Alita: Battle Angel in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (1:19-cv-20395-RNS). The movie is an adaptation of a popular Japanese animation.

Epic Stone Group, a Miami company, is accusing Fox of trademark infringement and unfair competition. The company is claiming it owns the rights to "Battle Angel" and that it has been selling merchandise with the trademark since 2009. The trademark is registered for use with computer games, action figures, toys and other merchandise. In April 2018, Epic Stone filed a new application to include DVDs, e-books, downloadable film and television programs.

Epic Stone claims that Fox knowingly infringed on its trademark, causing irreparable harm to the company’s goodwill. They are asking the Florida federal court to stop the film studio from selling merchandise related to the film. The company also wants the court to award damages and any profits that Fox has earned using the name “Battle Angel”.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Ti-Anna Wang


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