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GM Electrifies the Market by Trademarking Term for Dramatic “Watts to Freedom” Mode

December 10, 2020


As reported by GM Authority, General Motors filed a trademark for the term “Watts to Freedom” with the US Patent and Trademark Patent Office shortly before the unveiling of the GMC Hummer EV.

GM Authority speculated that the term might be used to describe a “long-range electric model variant or specific EV drive mode”. After the product was unveiled, Motor Biscuit reported that “Watts to Freedom” is a performance mode that allows the vehicle to reach the speed of 60 mph in only three seconds. To add to the excitement, the Hummer EV will also play sound over its Bose speakers while in “Watts to Freedom” mode.

The rumour mill continues to swirl regarding GM's other plans, as the company has also reserved the names “Earthluxe” and ‘Intelxe”, which some believe will be names of the new electric or hybrid luxury vehicle lines.


Authors: Mark Leonard and Brennan Caldwell


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