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Goshen Township, police chief accused of badge copyright infringement

June 3, 2022


As reported by FOX 19, the design of the Goshen Township (“Township”) Police Department’s badge has led to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit being brought against the Township and its police chief.

The suit was brought by Louis Kohus (“Kohus”), who designed the badge. Kohus registered his design with the U.S Copyright office and the former police chief, Rick Combs, swore an affidavit stating that he expected the township to compensate Kohus for the design and delivery of the completed badge.

Before the badge was put to use by the department, the police chief at the time, Rick Combs, was replaced by his successor, Bob Rose, who began to use the badge for police department operations without consent or compensation to Kohus.

The suit also alleges that, after the badges were put to use, the police department specifically altered the design by removing the “©” symbol.


Authors: Erik Axell and Awale Deria


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