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Honda Hints at “Tough” Additions to Fleet of SUVs and Trucks

June 28, 2021


Just over a year after filing for trademark protection for the ‘Trailsport’ mark, Honda has filed an additional trademark application for the logo that will accompany the Trailsport mark.

The trademark filings suggest that the marks will be used on "Land vehicles, namely, sport utility vehicles, automobiles, trucks, and structural parts for the foregoing".

The mark itself features the word “Trailsport” in a stylized font, with a mountain range floating above the font, and evokes an impression of toughness and endurance. The filing of the trademark follows reports made in 2020 that Honda intended to update its image to apply a macho and rough look to its SUVs and to showcase the off-road prowess and toughness of its trucks.

With the filing of the logo and nameplate, it appears that Honda is exploring a label geared towards a more active lifestyle. However, anticipation remains for the announcement and presentation of the vehicle itself.


Author: Nargis Fazli


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