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Huawei’s Patented Liquid Lens Technology may be Integrated in P50 Series

February 1, 2021


As recently reported by Gadgets360, Huawei is expected to integrate innovative liquid lens technology into the camera of its upcoming P50 series release. The new technology reportedly allows for focusing within milliseconds, similar to the speed of the human eye. It also boasts an accuracy rate of almost 100%.

The technology was patented by Huawei on December 25, 2019 and announced in April 2020. The Asia Times reports it could be hitting the commercial market in 2021.

Traditional lenses focus by using two fixed focal length lenses and adjusting the length between them. Huawei’s new technology uses liquid to focus light. This innovation could improve reliability of zoom under conditions involving impact or if a device is dropped.


Authors: Mark Leonard and Emma Baumann


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