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IBM Patents a Coffee Delivery Drone

September 4, 2018


IBM has been granted a United States patent that could dramatically change the way coffee and other beverages are acquired by consumers. The patent describes a drone that could deliver drinks directly to employees.

The patent highlights a number of different ways a beverage could be delivered. For example, one design depicts the drink being dispensed directly into an individual’s mug. An alternative design shows a sealed bag being delivered, effectively preventing any hot spills.

An interesting design feature is the cognitive recognition function. The drone would have the capability to assess the cognitive state of workers to detect when people are tired. This feature would work by analyzing blood pressure, pupil dilation and facial expressions.

Although companies frequently obtain patents for technologies that never materialize into products, coffee drinkers may be able to receive a cup of coffee with a hand gesture in the not so distant future.

Author: Steve Inglis


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