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Inari Awarded two Patents for Modifying Already-modified Corn and Soybean Seeds

March 24, 2022


As reported by Forbes, agricultural biotech firm Inari Agriculture was recently awarded two U.S. patents for proprietary methods of editing the genome of corn and soybean seeds that have already been genetically modified by other companies.

The patents are based on Inari’s use of CRISPR technology for gene-editing, which changes each seed into a new “event”, separate from its GMO progenitor. The technology described in Inari’s patents edits out selectable markers that serve no beneficial function to the plant, allowing the plant to give a better yield with less water and fertilizer.

Inari is aiming for a 20% increase in soy yield and a 10% increase in corn yield, while reducing water and nitrogen inputs for corn by 40%. According to Inari CEO, Ponsi Trivisvavet, the mission is reportedly “unlocking the full potential of seeds for growers and the environment”.


Authors: Hannah Johnson and Caitlin Woodford


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