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Levi’s Pulls a Trademark Infringement Win out of its Back Pocket

June 6, 2022


As reported by The Hindu, the Delhi High Court held that the “Arcuate Stitching Design” on Levi’s jeans (i.e., the design stitched into the back pockets) was a “well-known” mark and found in favour of Levi Strauss in its trademark infringement suit against Imperial Online Services Pvt Ltd.

The Court imposed a ₹4 lakh cost (approximately $6,700 CAD) on the company that infringed Levi’s stitching design and ordered it to take down links to garments using the design from its e-commerce platforms.

Levi Strauss said it discovered the products with infringing stitch designs on various e-commerce platforms.


Authors: Bukola Adelusi and Caitlin Woodford


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