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Microsoft files patent applications for Xbox One controllers

March 21, 2019


Two patent applications filed by Microsoft related to the Xbox One controller hardware have recently been published by the USPTO. The two patent applications, the first for an input device with a linear geared feedback trigger, and the second for a motor-driven adjustable-tension trigger, aim to provide greater feedback when pulling the trigger on an Xbox One controller.

This should help increase the level of responsiveness in-game for certain actions, such as shooting a weapon or running. The triggers could also be used for multiple purposes, depending on the level of pressure placed on them. For example, the motor could help simulate a hard stop in-game.

It is unclear when these patents will be implemented, if at all. It is also unclear if these changes would be made to the current generation of Xbox One controllers only, or whether they would also apply to the more premium Xbox Elite controllers, or even the next generation of controllers.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Abid Khalid


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