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NCAA Athlete "Quarterbacks" Four Trademark Applications

December 6, 2021


As reported by The Spun, Caleb Williams, a quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners , has filed four trademark applications this year. The marks include his name, silhouette, a “Superman logo” using his initials, and another secondary logo that also uses the same “CW” initials.

Williams’ trademark applications follow the NCAA’s recent decision to adopt a new interim policy that allows NCAA athletes to utilize their own name, image, and likeness for a profit. Since the announcement, a number of NCAA athletes have begun creating their own professional brands that include designed logos and other marks.

A tweet by Front Office Sports indicates that Williams is looking to utilize his trademarks for clothing and merchandise as well as when hosting football camps and other “educational services”.


Authors: Zhiyao Chen and Caitlin Woodford


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