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New Ford Bronco Equipped with Removable Doors?

May 23, 2019


According to Motortrend, Ford recently filed two patents that show an off-road vehicle with removable doors. Various media outlets suggest that the vehicle shown in the patents closely resembles the new, highly-anticipated Ford Bronco.

The first patent is called “Door with Convertible Scaffolding” and permits the use of doors fitted with high-impact beams. According to the patent, the beams or “tube doors” can be removed from the door casing and re-mounted to the vehicle for passenger protection. The second patent is called “Convertible Door Assembly for a Motor Vehicle” and details a full hard door that can be turned into a “half door” by removing the top half.

The new Bronco will not be introduced as part of Ford’s lineup until 2020, so it remains to be seen whether these two patents will actually form part of the final product.

At present, the Jeep Wrangler is the only popular North American SUV with removable doors.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Daniel Seidman


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