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New GM Patent Suggests Active Front Splitter for Mid-Engine Corvette

May 29, 2019


According to Motor 1, General Motors recently filed a patent for an active front splitter.

The company modeled the new system on a Chevrolet Corvette in the patent drawings, leading many to believe that the patented splitter will feature on the upcoming mid-engine version of the beloved sports car – i.e., the “Mid-Engine Corvette”.

Splitters work to adjust the aerodynamics of a car to increase performance. A vehicle equipped with the patented splitter would essentially have two splitters; it would have a traditional front splitter and a second movable splitter that could be adjusted electronically.

The patented splitter would be able to rotate, tilt, and move up and down so as to increase downforce, counter the effects of lift at high speed and improve overall vehicle handling.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Daniel Seidman


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