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Nikon Captured in Patent Suit over Video Compression Technology

August 22, 2022


As reported by News Shooter, LLC (“RED”) is suing Nikon for allegedly infringing its Video Compression Patent in Nikon’s recently introduced 2.0 firmware update for its Z9 camera.

The Z9 camera uses a high-efficiency RAW codec for stills that comes from intoPIX (another audio visual tech company), which also makes a video version of this same RAW codec called TicoRAW. Nikon is reportedly using one of the TicoRAW options in the Z9 camera with the 2.0 firmware.

RED is seeking damages and/or royalties for the alleged infringement, an injunction barring Nikon from further infringement, and legal costs.

RED does not appear to be going after intoPIX (whose TicoRAW codec is also patented), but rather alleging that Z9 is recording internal RAW with a similar scheme to that which RED has patented.


Authors: Emily Groper and Caitlin Woodford


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