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Nouveau Monde Files Patent Application for Green Thermochemical Purification Technology

September 16, 2021


As reported by StreetInsider, Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (“Nouveau Monde”), which is based in Quebec, has filed a patent application related to thermochemical purification technology with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

Nouveau Monde’s technology reportedly provides a cleaner alternative to traditional graphite purification processes by leveraging hydropower to avoid the use of environmentally-damaging chemicals.

Nouveau Monde’s purification technology relies upon the use of high temperatures and the addition of a chlor-based reagent to drive the graphite purification process. In contrast, existing graphite purification methods are energy intensive and require a large amount of environmentally-damaging chemicals, particularly hydrofluoric acid. Since graphite is an important battery raw material that is currently used in lithium ion batteries, fuel cells and other specialty applications, the technology has the potential to make the graphite supply chain more environmentally efficient and to improve battery life cycle footprints.

In addition, Nouveau Monde’s thermochemical process reportedly allows it to supply high-purity, carbon-neutral graphite flakes for bipolar plates used in fuel cells, foils for heat dissipation in electronics (5G), expandable graphite for fire retardant applications and other specialty products.


Authors: Brittni Tee and Mark Leonard


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